The age of most children who become victims of abuse and neglect is 18 months or younger. Source: US Children’s Bureau

Epiphany Center strengthens families by keeping women and children off the streets and supporting healthy parenting relationships.


In San Francisco 2,535 children between 0 and 2 years old are living below the federal poverty line. Source: 2010 5-Year American Community Survey

Epiphany Center’s Parent-Child Center provides therapeutic childcare and developmental assessments to ensure children have the resources to thrive.


Parenting substance abuse is a contributing factor for between one and two-thirds of children in the child welfare system. Source: US Department of Health and Human Services

Epiphany Center envisions a world where families who heal together STAY together, avoiding the threat of foster care.


Drug/Alcohol abuse was reported as the 2nd most common cause of homelessness in San Francisco. Source: 2011 San Francisco Homeless Count and Survey

Epiphany Center’s Wellness Program ensures holistic healing from substance abuse and homelessness. Our gardens blossom as our families flourish.

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Epiphany Center strengthens family life by healing trauma, mental illness, substance abuse and ending cycles of homelessness and poverty through holistic client-centered care.