167 years serving the San Francisco Community

Circle of Light is a group of donors who make a significant commitment to at-risk children and families in San Francisco. 

The following list includes individual donors who made cash contributions of $1,000 or more to the operations of Epiphany Center during the 2018-2019 Fiscal Year.

Membership is for individuals who make a gift of $1,000 or more annually to Epiphany Center. 

Because of the support of people who share our vision: Women’s lives are restored, children have hopeful futures, families are strengthened, and intergenerational cycles of trauma, homelessness, mental illness and poverty are broken. The community benefits from reduced costs in homelessness, joblessness, incarceration, foster care, and mental and physical illness.


Cheryl & Peter Dunkel
Brenda & Don MacLean
Daughters of Charity
Mindy & Bryan Maxwell
The Yvonne & Angelo Sangiacomo Family Foundation

Alice Phelan Sullivan Corporation
Dorothy Boswell
Debra & James Curley
Virginia & Walter Menezes
Therese Post & John O'Donnell
James Tierney, Digital Anarchy

Jeanne & William Barulich
Sandra & Kevin Baxter
Diane & Richard Blackman
Nancy & Norman Bouton
Daughters of Charity Foundation
Constance Gerlach
Debbie & Chris Lammers
Ann-Louise & Daniel McCambridge
Joseph McGuiness
Nancy Moyle
D'Arcy & Thomas Owens
Ann & David Peterson
Valerie Malone Raskin & Neil Raskin
LaVerne Reiterman
Kathryn Ringgold
Tom Rocca
Victoria Jones & Calvin Synigal
Hope Brady Wagstaff

Teresa & John R. Beltramo
Elyn Brennan
Roy Cecchetti
Deacon Larry Chatmon
Amy & Marty Estkowski
Jane & Paul Foster
Ellen & John Griffin
Peggy Haas
Muriel Harris
Father George Hazler
Christine Bartlett Hinckley
Irene & Oliver Holmes
Betsy & Eber Jaques
Rebecca & David Jones
Sheila Kelly
Virginia Lammers
Julie & Stuart Ledet
Adrienne Mansi
Annette & Chris Marker
Ernie McNabb
Nancy & Frank Moore
Susana Morales
Joanne Murphy
Janet & Clyde Ostler
Mary Rhoades
Cindy & James Walker
Diane Wilsey

Circle of Light Donors FY2019

To see a list of all donors (institutional and individual) who have ever given to Epiphany Center, click here.