The Gift of Hope The Gift of Hope

The Gift of Hope

December 29, 2017

Dear Friends,

         What a special place Epiphany Center is! I have been so blessed by the staff, women and children.  Last week, I welcomed the first baby to be born here since I arrived. The baby, his mother, and a couple of the women who were nearby went to the Chapel with me to thank God for his life and to ask blessings on him, his family and all of the women who come to Epiphany for healing and a new beginning in their own lives.

         At least twice a week, I have met a woman in the hallway whois either currently in our program or a graduate picking up her child from our early childhood education program. Each of them thanks me for Epiphany Center. Recently, I was walking by a woman who had just that day arrived at the agency and she thanked me for letting her come to Epiphany. This morning, another young woman peeked her head into my office to say thank you for all we are doing to support her. And my response was, “I am so happy you found us.”

        There are many stories of gratitude from our women in recovery and from our graduates. One of my favorites is about graduates who return for our reunions and say they often go out of their way to drive by Epiphany Center because they consider this Home, a place where they were able to find the love and support they needed to take control of their lives and begin to be the people they dreamed of being, to become the mothers their children need them to be.

         As I was bringing this letter to a close, a recent graduate came in with her one-year old and she said, “I think of this place all the time.”

         These stories may happen in other places, but the healing that transpires for the women here who are dealing with addiction is possible because our staff believe each person has the capability to make choices for a healthy life. Throughout her 28 years leading the agency, Sister Estela developed a series of programs and services that are among the very best in the country in addressing the needs of women seeking recovery as well as the needs of the very young children in their lives.

         Sister Estela could not have developed these highly respected and effective services for women without YOU. The fees we receive for services cover only about 40% of our costs. We depend on the benevolence of foundations and the caring generosity of individuals who want to be part of creating new beginnings.

         By clicking here to make your tax-deductible year-end deduction today, together we can give children like 10 day old Clayton the best beginning a baby can have: a healthy and loving mother.

                            We wish you a New Year filled with God’s peace and joy!

    Sister Betty Marie Dunkel, D.C.
Executive Director