Epiphany Family Enrichment Project Epiphany Family Enrichment Project

Epiphany Family Enrichment Project

October 8, 2014

Following months of thoughtful planning, in October 2014, the new Epiphany Family Enrichment Project opened its doors.  Carefully designed to help create positive futures for children, parents, and the community, the project is spearheaded by Molly Enzminger who recently earned her master’s degree in Infant Mental Health from Mills College.  Passionate about helping parents develop healthy relationships with their children, Molly has devoted countless hours to establishing inspiring play rooms, an information-filled parent education room, and an action-packed curriculum featuring fun, educational family activities.

1. Congratulations on your new position as the coordinator of the new Family Enrichment Project! Can you tell us about the new project? The FEP includes four components. First, interactive parent-child play groups have been carefully planned to encourage positive, healthy relationships and self-regulation skills. Twice per week, there will be parent education workshops on topics of particular interest to today’s parents including technology, sleeping, and safe play spaces. In addition, weekly activities will include gardening for young children, art projects, and parent/child yoga.  Finally, monthly field trips will feature family outings to local parks, libraries, small museums, and multi-cultural celebrations.

2. What do you find most exciting about FEP? I feel excited to be part of a brand new program and to watch it evolve from the ground up.  It’s exciting to help create the vision and put it into practice.

3. When did your interest begin in working in this field? In high school, I took an advanced placement (AP) class in psychology and loved it. I enjoyed learning about people and knew I wanted to pursue a career in this field.  From the age of 16, I worked as a summer camp counselor for little ones and appreciated learning how to interact with parents and children.

4. What do you most enjoy about your work with parents and children?  I love building relationships. It keeps you open-minded and teaches you about trust, acceptance, and compassion.

5. Why did you choose to work at Epiphany Center and what do you like most about working at the agency? I was studying for my master’s degree in Infant Mental Health at Mills College, and my advisor was Dr. Linda Perez, PhD, Epiphany Center’s Director of the Family Treatment Center. She thought I would be a great fit for Epiphany, and recommended me for an internship which I did for year before applying for the FEP position. I love that at Epiphany, you really feel part of a team. There’s a real sense of warmth, and everyone wants you to succeed.

6. How did your studies prepare you for your work with the FEP? The Infant Mental Health program weds psychology and education, so I learned about parent-child attachment, assessment tools, and how to be a reflective practitioner. While studying, I also worked at the Mills College Children’s School in the Infant and Toddler room. The children at Mills generally follow typical developmental patterns. This experience gave me a good framework to be able to recognize children with developmental delays.

7. Favorite Epiphany Center memory or moment? My favorite moment was coming back to the outdoor children’s play yard at Epiphany after being away for three months following the end of my internship. The toddlers came right up to me for hugs, and the moms from the parenting groups were happy to see me return.

8. Of the five major Vincentian Values of Respect, Compassionate Service, Simplicity, Advocacy for the Poor, and Creativity, which one is your favorite to practice and why? Creativity is my favorite to practice because you are always able to find solutions.  For one of the new playrooms, I am really looking forward to sewing clothing and costumes for the toddlers’ dramatic play area.

9. What or who inspires you? My answer is more abstract – I think curiosity really inspires me!

10. What do you love most about working here in the city of San Francisco?  I like the accessibility and diversity of the city.

11. Favorite spot in SF?  In general, I love that there’s so much beautiful nature within the city. One of my favorite spots is the Ferry Building and the farmer’s market.

For more information about the Family Enrichment Project, please call Molly Enzminger at (415) 567-8370 ext. 4236 or menzminger@TheEpiphanyCenter.org.