New Epiphany League Member Valerie Malone Raskin New Epiphany League Member Valerie Malone Raskin

New Epiphany League Member Valerie Malone Raskin

July 16, 2015

1. When did your interest in service come about?
In 1985, I initially began volunteering with the Children’s Theater Association of San Francisco (CTA).  The CTA was established in 1934 as a nonprofit organization comprised of all volunteers dedicated to providing live musical theatre for thousands of children throughout the San Francisco Bay Area, particularly for those who might not otherwise experience it.

2. How did you decide to choose to volunteer your time on behalf of the women and children of Epiphany Center? Through the CTA’s Brenda MacLean, I was first introduced to Epiphany Center when I attended their wonderful Benefit Party & Shows and the Celebrating Mothers Luncheons.  I loved the organization’s mission to strengthen families.  And, I wanted to give back to the community, so it was a great fit.

3. Favorite memory, either with the League or Epiphany Center? I really look forward to the Residential Recovery clients’ graduation. I had the privilege of attending back in January, and the ceremony really brought it all home.  Hearing the women’s stories about where they had been versus where they were going now moved me to tears.

4..    Of the five major Vincentian Values of Respect, Compassionate Service, Simplicity, Advocacy for the Poor, and Creativity, which one is your favorite to practice and why? I think Creativity is my favorite. I like trying to accomplish something in a different way.

5.. What or who inspires you? The women of Epiphany inspire me. They are all working so hard to help themselves. And, it can happen to anyone.  Any of us can take a wrong turn in life. As they say, “There but for the grace of God go I.”

The purpose of the Epiphany League is to raise funds to ensure holistic care for the most vulnerable women, children, and families in San Francisco, to directly benefit clients through service projects, and to broaden community awareness of Epiphany Center. Are you interested in joining the Epiphany League?  Please contact






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