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Service Spotlight

July 30, 2015

The Ladies of Charity have been a wonderful community partner to Epiphany Center.  Originally founded in 1617 by St. Vincent de Paul, the Ladies responded to the needs of the destitute in seventeenth century France.  Today, their dedication to service and their simple gestures of kindness make a lasting difference in the lives of Epiphany’s at-risk women.

Recently, these busy Ladies enjoyed a fun afternoon with the agency’s women and together, they decorated beautiful, stainless steel water bottles. 

“We just love coming here.  It’s such an extraordinary place,” said Theresa, a longtime volunteer.  She surveyed the quiet, sunlit room full of women sitting side by side engrossed in their designs and said, “I feel lucky to share this experience with them.” While the little works of art dried, the Ladies of Charity prepared a special lunch to share with the women.

“Look at that beautiful water bottle.  I did that!” exclaimed a smiling client.  

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