Season of Giving at Epiphany! Season of Giving at Epiphany!

Season of Giving at Epiphany!

December 21, 2016

They say the holiday season is the season of giving, and that couldn’t be more true for us here at Epiphany Center. We feel the warm embrace of a compassionate community and we want to share with you the gifts of generosity we’ve received this holiday season.

In the month of December, our conference room was transformed into the Christmas donation room. Piles of brand new toys, stuffed animals, books, clothing, hats, shoes, and blankets; for newborns, infants, toddlers, and the small children in Epiphany’s families, grew taller as Christmas grew nearer. Parent Child Center staff enjoyed sorting the gifts into appropriate age groups, and imagining the joy on the children's faces when they would open their gifts on Christmas morning.

We’d like to thank local parishes, St. Cecilia, St. Ignatius, St. Brendan, St. Vincent de Paul, St. Garbriel, St. Peter (Pacifica), and local schools Our Lady of the Visitacion and Sacred Heart Cathedral Preparatory for their generous Christmas gifts. We couldn't create Christmas miracles without you!

Our Epiphany League rallied together and donated educational toys for older siblings of Epiphany's children, ensuring they would not be left out during the holidays.

Local organizations like the SFMTA’s Training and Instruction Department on Geary Blvd stopped by to hand deliver gift cards, toys and clothing. Antioch-based Fellowship Church stopped by to hand deliver a generous check to be used towards building a new play yard for Epiphany’s children in 2017. With the help of our fantastic volunteer Cheryl, we received a Christmas bag for each of Epiphany’s children from San Francisco attorneys at the California Attorney General’s Office.

Our women in recovery celebrated Pamper Day on December 13th. They traveled to San Carlos to get their hair done by Hyatt Hair Studio. To compliment the day, Magnolia Prime participated by donating a “swag bag” filled with socks, holiday hand soap from Bath and Body Works, and a CVS gift card. Here are the ladies of Hyatt Hair who made Pamper Day a huge success:

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Because of you, all our women and children are surrounded by love and protection, not only this Christmas season, but every day of the year!