Safety First! Safety First!

Safety First!

June 17, 2016

June is National Home Safety Month!

Epiphany's In-Home Services program has a dedicated team of National SafeCare Training and Research Center certified providers who visit at-risk families in their homes to conduct Home Safety training. By identifying and eliminating environmental and health hazards in the home, our SafeCare Providers are reducing the risk of child maltreatment. In addition, through parenting education our In-Home Services team is stabilizing family functioning and reducing the likelihood that children will be removed from the home by San Francisco’s child welfare agency.

Common hazards in the home include children's accessibility to harsh chemicals and cleaning products, electrical socketsmatches, medications, sharp objects and more. Our Home Visitors not only teach families how to identify hazards in the home, but empower parents to become self-sufficient so that children can thrive.




This month we want to highlight two safety issues that clients generally don’t think of when thinking about home hazards:

 1. Poisonous Plants 

Many common household plants are toxic and can cause illness through ingestion or contact with the skin.  Holiday times are particularly dangerous due to the presence of plants with colorful berries or flowers. Check out this poisonous plants guide to make sure the little ones in your life are safe!

2. Other Organic Matter

Usually we don't think of organic matter as harmful or toxic. However, our home visitors see many incidents of homes with decaying food and dirty dishes. This creates a breeding site for bacteria and mold to flourish, as well as pests like ants or fruit flies.  Any item or surface area with food that covers at least one square inch and does not belong where it is found is identified as a hazard. Specific examples include:

  • dirty dishes piled in the sink higher than counter level
  • perishable food left sitting out
  • wet pet food



Interested in joining our In-Home Services team? We're hiring a Family Support Specialist, apply here.