Meet Epiphany League Member Ann Peterson Meet Epiphany League Member Ann Peterson

Meet Epiphany League Member Ann Peterson

December 17, 2014

1. When did your interest in service come about?
My mother was a stay-at-home mom so she spent many hours volunteering for our schools and other charities. I naturally followed her lead and have always felt it was important to be a productive member of society either by working or volunteering.

2. How did you decide to choose to volunteer your time on behalf of Epiphany Center?
I attended a number of League functions and was impressed with the mission of the members to help empower the City’s at-risk women and children.  I felt a desire to help women with none of the advantages I’d had. I also felt fortunate my daughters had no drug or alcohol issues, so I wanted to help those who did.

3. What is your favorite memory, either with the League or Epiphany Center?
The singers (the agency’s own Joyful Noise Choir) at last year’s Mother’s Day Luncheon were wonderful.

4. What have you learned during your time working with Epiphany Center?
I have hope that with our support and commitment, the women and mothers can learn that their lives are meaningful, and they can, in fact become happy and successful members of the community.

5. What or who inspires you?
I am inspired by those who are vulnerable and have had hardships and then decide to better themselves through commitment and hard work.

6. Of the five major Vincentian Values of Respect, Compassionate Service, Simplicity, Advocacy for the Poor, and Creativity, which one is your favorite to practice and why? I believe Compassionate Service is my favorite as I feel it is imperative that we do our best to give time, energy and help to those who need it.

The purpose of the Epiphany League is to raise funds to ensure holistic care for the most vulnerable women, children, and families in San Francisco, to directly benefit clients through service projects, and to broaden community awareness of Epiphany Center.

Are you interested in joining the Epiphany League?  Please contact Mary Rhoades at

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