Former Agency Client Transforms her Life from Chaos to Calm, Giving Back as a Yoga Teacher Former Agency Client Transforms her Life from Chaos to Calm, Giving Back as a Yoga Teacher

Former Agency Client Transforms her Life from Chaos to Calm, Giving Back as a Yoga Teacher

May 23, 2014

This week, we celebrate National Mental Health Month with “Beth”, a former agency client who transformed what began as a chaotic childhood into a fulfilling career giving back to the community as a yoga instructor. Click here to learn how this Laughing Lotus Yoga expert embraces discipline while following her bliss.

She participated in the St. Elizabeth’s program for pregnant and parenting teens. “I was here at Epiphany Center, called St. Elizabeth’s in 1984 when I was 17 and had my son. I was only at the center for a few months, but my stay changed my entire life,” says Beth.

“I had come from a really erratic childhood, so to experience St. E.’s regular schedule and discipline was extraordinary for me. I loved it. I enjoyed eating meals at the same time each day and having set study time. I was even able to graduate from high school,” she recalls.

“I still laugh, remembering our routine of sitting together every evening to watch ‘Wheel of Fortune.’ To this day, whenever I see that show, I smile. I also remember enjoying our knitting classes and our awesome teacher. Learning knitting was really calming and meditative for me. The discipline and habit of being organized that I learned at St. E.’s is something I still love practicing today,” says Beth.

Today, Beth brings that same discipline and tranquility to her flourishing new career as a Laughing Lotus yoga instructor and administrator.  “I enjoy the balance of both teaching yoga classes and handling administration.  Things are unfolding really nicely for me now. I would like to do more volunteer work and give back because I have so much to offer.”

Once an alcoholic and now recovering, Beth has completely changed her life to one of quintessential, calm, Northern California, all-natural living.

Asked what or who inspires her, Beth says, “As a recovering alcoholic, I am inspired by anyone who has gone down this road and chosen to turn their lives around for the better,” she says.  Still practicing the Vincentian values learned at Epiphany Center, Beth says, “Respect for the individual is hugely important to me as a yogi.  You need to have compassion and love for each person because you never know what they have experienced in their lifetime.

“I think it was Deepak Chopra who expressed it best, ‘we have all walked through different gardens and knelt at different graves," she says.

Epiphany Center alters identifying information in some stories to protect the privacy of our clients.