Epiphany’s Play Yard Dreams Epiphany’s Play Yard Dreams

Epiphany’s Play Yard Dreams

May 12, 2016

Over the years, Epiphany Center's Fund A Need has raised nearly $100,000 for Epiphany Center’s programs!

This is Epiphany Center's outdoor space.

Last year's Fund A Need gave us the opportunity to plant seeds, and now our community garden is thriving. Last fall, Academy of Art students painted a spectacular mural on the wall facing the garden's bountiful fruits and vegetables. As you can see from the photo above, the children's play yard is surrounded by the beauty of both our mural and our garden. However, the play yard is in need of an upgrade.


We want to purchase a new play structure for the play yard--the final step in our vision of an empowering, therapeutic, and collaborative outdoor space for our families. Spring is a powerful time of renewal and growth. Spring reveals to us the fruits of our labors. In the spirit of Spring, we are committed to making a space that enhances children's growth and development.


Play yards are essential, not only to a child’s physical development, but also to intellectual and emotional well-being.  The updated play yard will be a safe space with physical challenges, visual interest, and beauty everywhere.


This Spring, we ask you to invest in the growth of Epiphany’s children, aged 0-3, some of whom have been prenatally exposed to drugs and alcohol. A new play yard will ensure them the space to build healthy futures filled with opportunity.

We need to raise $60,000 to make our dream of a new children's play yard a reality.

The good news is, we have already raised $34,000 toward our goal thanks to the generosity of our supporters at the Benefit Party & Show and the Celebrating Mothers Luncheon.

Let’s raise that thermometer to reach the goal for Epiphany’s children!