Epiphany Tots Enjoy Field Trip and Day of Discovery Epiphany Tots Enjoy Field Trip and Day of Discovery

Epiphany Tots Enjoy Field Trip and Day of Discovery

August 3, 2015

On June 20, 2015, ten toddlers and their moms from Epiphany’s Family Enrichment Project enjoyed an exciting field trip to the Bay Area Discovery Museum.  “We’re so grateful to the museum for their donation of tickets for our families,” said Molly Enzminger, FEP’s Project Coordinator.

Aligned with FEP’s aim to promote positive parent-child relationships, the indoor-outdoor museum is framed by the beautiful backdrop of the Golden Gate Bridge and features a state-of-the-art imagination playground to foster unstructured play, hands-on wave workshops with live animals, and art activities that encourage child-directed creativity.

“All of the children loved the water play that was set up in the Tot Spot area of the museum,” said Molly. The specially designed Tot Spot features a natural-looking, recirculating stream filled with life-size plastic salmon and frogs swimming in it.  “Besides splashing and getting wet, the kids really enjoyed taking the salmon and frogs in and out of the water.”

Designed to ignite creative thinking in children, the 7.5 acres of play spaces, art studios, discovery halls, and hands-on exhibitions also includes a popular musical area where the little ones enjoyed using batons to tap on musical pipes and make melodious sounds.

“Keen observers, some of the children were curious about the other children playing beside them,” said Molly.

Together, children and their moms engaged in a variety of sensory activities thoroughly enjoying a day of discovering new skills.  Huge thanks to the Bay Area Discovery Museum for making this special day possible for Epiphany’s families!