Epiphany League Kicks Off 2020 Year!

September 19, 2019

      After enjoying the summer break, Epiphany  
League members were thrilled to return this September to kick off a new year advocating for and making a difference in the lives of the vulnerable women and children in our care and have fun while doing so. Since 2006, the League has been at the heart of Epiphany Center, going above and beyond in support of our mission of strengthening the lives of so many children, women, and families.

                                                                            At their recent meeting, League members heard from the Directors of Epiphany’s various programs on the highlights from the prior year, challenges, and news for the coming year. League members participated in an engaging conversation with the Program Directors on how families are being given the tools and the resources to transform their lives.       


     The meeting offered members time to reflect on their successes for last year and begin the planning process for the 2019/2020 year; much enthusiasm and great energy took hold!



Benefit Party & Show

Thursday, March 12, 2020

Diane Blackman, Debi Curley
& Carmen Hedlund Doyle

Celebrating Mothers Luncheon
Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Erin Doyle Ebeling & Brenda MacLean

       Our heartfelt “Thank you” to members who have graciously stepped up to chair a committee position this year! All added up to a wonderful start to their upcoming 2020 events.

     The Epiphany League not only plays an essential role in planning these iconic events, they also serve as a robust team of volunteers here at the Center. Whether they are orchestrating lunches for our residents, sorting and organizing the client “store” with much needed donations of clothing and accessories, or jumping into cover the front desk, their support is part of the fabric of the agency.




       On behalf of each woman, child, and family that come through our doors, we extend our deep gratitude to the League for their endless support and tireless energy. We are humbled by the League for their willingness to orchestrate fundraising efforts, their volunteerism, and for their active leadership as advocates of Epiphany Center.