Epiphany Hosts Fall Reunion Epiphany Hosts Fall Reunion

Epiphany Hosts Fall Reunion

November 7, 2019

Thank you to everyone who helped make our October Alumni Reunion such a special night! We had one of our largest turnouts in years, and our current clients and staff had the opportunity to hear from 17 of our incredible alumni. Thank you to each of the alumni for sharing your presence, your experiences in recovery, and the wisdom you have gained over the years.

      One of our Vincentian Volunteers opened the evening with a prayer and then the festivities began with a fun Bingo activity that helped those of us meeting for the first time get to know one another a little better. One of our hostesses then distributed the prizes and called everyone to dinner. After our meal, our keynote alumnus delivered a powerful speech, in which she detailed her life, character, and state of mind in the midst of her addiction. She then described how her commitment to treatment and recovery has transformed her world, and gives her strength to face the challenges life throws at her now, whether they be managing her school work, coping with loss, or removing herself from situations which might jeopardize her sobriety.

      Next, our hostesses led our Q&A session, where the Alumni had an opportunity to respond to our current residents’ curiosities about life post treatment. One alumnus provided valuable insight regarding the reality of relapse, and how in treatment, there is no “magical Level 4”. Rather, the “reward” of doing well in treatment is recovery itself, and the progress made toward gaining one’s life back.

      Another alum shared that a great challenge of sobriety is interacting with humans, whether they be friends, family, or coworkers, who do not have the same level of understanding as her sisters in recovery. Learning to reintegrate among those who will never truly understand the struggle is a test all of our clients, past and present, must learn to conquer.

      We closed out the night with a raffle, and sent our Alumni home with the hopes of seeing them again in April, at our spring Reunion. We look forward to continuing to witness their growth, and the growth of our current clients, in the coming months, as well as the opportunity to reunite.

      As the Holiday season approaches, we wish everyone a safe, healthy, and happy time spent among loved ones, and would like to express our gratitude once again for your continued commitment to the Epiphany community.