CLIENT STORY: A Mother Empowered CLIENT STORY: A Mother Empowered

CLIENT STORY: A Mother Empowered

April 7, 2016

April is National Alcohol Awareness Month & National Child Abuse Prevention Month.

Alcohol is the most commonly used addictive substance in the U.S. One in every 12 adults suffers from alcohol abuse or dependence. More than 7 million children live in a household where at least one parent is dependent on or has abused alcohol.

Epiphany Center’s clients need change and healing in their lives. Women, many of them mothers, are struggling with drug and alcohol addictions. Their families are struggling with unemployment, poverty, and homelessness, and as a result their children are experiencing neglect and abuse. This month, we want to honor the hardwork our clients have done to take back their lives and become better parents.

Here's a story from a graduate of Epiphany's Recovery Program:

"There are no words to express what Epiphany has done for me and for my life. I was broken and couldn't even think for myself. It was hard for me to even make decisions on my own. I felt lonely and afraid. I thought there was no way out of the pool of alcohol that I was drowning in. I came to Epiphany in July of 2013. I was assigned a case manager, recovery counselor, and had many different support groups that I could apply to my life. We had house meetings with our peers so we could share in each other's recovery and help one another. Epiphany taught me to respect other women and more importantly to respect myself. I learned to love myself and learned how to get my life back in order by following the rules of Epiphany House. I am now more assertive and I have been empowered. I have seen women who had nothing when they came into Epiphany. Thanks to Epiphany Center women are able to feel better physically and graduate from the recovery program with beautiful smiles. But the real miracle I witnessed was when I saw the mothers with their children. It was truly a blessing to see this change happening. I remember how I felt when I would see the mothers visiting with their children and then they would have to watch their children leave. To witness the process of mothers getting their children back was truly amazing. This touched my heart because, due to my addiction, I didn't raise any of my 3 children. They are now adults and they have never stopped loving me. Epiphany taught me that family is everything and that it's never too late with our children. I am now a woman who believes in God again and the miracles He gives to us every day. God truly loves me. I will never forget Epiphany Center. God Bless you and thank you for all of your help making Epiphany Center a safe and nurturing place for women and children."

You can read more about alcohol awareness here & more about Epiphany's Recovery Program here

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