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Client Corner

November 12, 2019

“I Have a Purpose”

My addictions almost took my life. Before I found Epiphany, I was locked up in San Mateo County Jail. I felt hopeless. Alone. Afraid. I was ashamed of who I was and the person I had become

After entering Epiphany, I became curious to see if I did have a purpose in life. That was a new experience for me and it helped me stay the course, one day at a time. But understanding what recovery actually meant, and the new lease on life it gave me, did not happen overnight.

The therapy I received my first few months at Epiphany was a necessary part of my healing and recovery. I became open to suggestions, surrendered my need to run the show, and challenged myself to depart from old ways of thinking and behaving. At Epiphany, everyone made me feel like a human being. I rediscovered my love for sports and realized what career path would suit me best.  I learned what it meant to feel whole (mind-body-soul).

Today, I am living at Epiphany Center’s step-down/transitional housing program where I feel supported in all areas of my life. Here, we lift each other up. I ask for help and trust people. I feel especially supported in my goal to finish my BA in Psychology and work towards my Masters. I intend to become a Counselor who specializes in Alcohol and Other Drug (AOD) treatment. I want to give back.

As I progress in my recovery, I am confronting the demons of my past and realizing that I am not defined by my past. Instead, I have found that I am more than enough for every situation. I have also realized that it’s okay not to be okay. Because of Epiphany, I bounced back from the most challenging experience of my life: my addiction.

Now, in sobriety, I am deepening my connection with God and forming real and authentic relationships, especially with other women in recovery. I’ve learned that recovery is not just the absence of an addiction. It’s recovering and rediscovering the person inside—and for me, that has been the most incredible part of this journey! It’s about the chance to rediscover who I am and to create a life that’s meaningful to me. Because of Epiphany Center, I know that I matter, that I have value, and I have something to offer society. I discovered I have a purpose.