Celebrating Teacher Appreciation Week Celebrating Teacher Appreciation Week

Celebrating Teacher Appreciation Week

May 10, 2019

“Safety and security don’t just happen, they are the result of collective consensus and public investment. We owe our children, the most vulnerable citizens in our society, a life free of violence and fear.” Nelson Mandela

The work of Epiphany Center staff and my colleagues in the field of Early Childhood Education is to work with young children who have suffered extraordinary stress. On their behalf, I wish to thank the children for having deeply touched us and to acknowledge the emotional toll on those of us who work directly with children and families, and the importance of self-care.”Dr. Linda Perez Clinical Director, Family Treatment Program, Epiphany Center

We are blessed to have such a dedicated group of Early Childhood Education Teachers at Epiphany Center. They are indomitable champions of our mission to invest in our children and strengthen family life.

During this Teachers Appreciation Week, (we appreciate our Teachers all year round!), we would like to share some quotes from our teachers about inspiring moments and educational learnings.

  • When beginning teaching young toddlers, I learned that you have to earn their trust and give them time to do so. I still remember the warmth and the touch when a 16-month-old first reached out her hand through her crib. Her blue eyes looked straight at me and her hand reached for my hand. She turned to the other three children and gave them the cue to accept me. I wasn’t teaching. I was learning to build relationship with the group, one child at a time.” -- Marlene, Teacher
  • I had found a place to serve young children, their parents and learn about human development too. I am so grateful to be here. We have a mission that goes beyond daily childcare and it is a mission I can live by. -- Lynette, Parent-Child Center Site Supervisor
  • The greatest teaching moment is when I see the "AH HA" moment in the children's eye when they finally understand and comprehend what was being taught to them and why. It warms my heart when they can take what I have been teaching them and use it successfully as they grow and mature into wonderful and fine young ladies and gentlemen.” -- Suzy, Teacher
  • With the work I completed this semester, I was able to reflect on the importance of and lifelong practice of heart play, and keeping it as a part of my daily flow. As adults, we tend to "schedule play," however as children, we wonder "when will we get to that part” in our day. It is not a question of if but rather when.”Lafeshia, our University Intern

At Epiphany, small, intimate group environments foster social engagement and curiosity to ensure healthy progress for the children, while they are challenged to learn through play. Our play-based therapeutic curriculum includes daily outdoor playtime that encourages gross motor activity with tricycles, scooter cars, climbing, sliding, running and crawling. Teachers facilitate music and dance through the use of scarves, instruments and singing songs. Our sensory integration room provides opportunities to swing, jump, bounce, roll, and experience different textures.

The infants and toddlers in our program have experienced complex traumatic stressors that include pregnancy complicated by homelessness, alcohol and drug exposure, and little prenatal care. Some of the mothers experience domestic violence and incarceration during their pregnancy and have untreated mental and physical health problems.

Our teachers come with great depth and breadth of skill and knowledge. They provide therapeutic childcare, early intervention services, and developmental assessments for infants and toddlers.

We are humbled by the hard work and dedication of our teachers and are touched by the lasting contributions they make in the lives of the children here at Epiphany Center. A deep and genuine “thank you” to our teachers this week and every week. You cannot be thanked enough!