Fund-A-Need Raises $40,000 for Trauma-Informed Care Environment Fund-A-Need Raises $40,000 for Trauma-Informed Care Environment

Fund-A-Need Raises $40,000 for Trauma-Informed Care Environment

April 12, 2018

The women of Epiphany Center are, first and foremost, victims of trauma. From abuse to living on the streets, they’ve all turned to substances as a way to self-medicate and sooth the pain resulting from hardship. Such trauma is best treated with surroundings that invite rest, relaxation and an opportunity to connect with one’s self. To support the women of Epiphany Center with developing healthier coping mechanisms for dealing with their trauma, we will be creating a Trauma-Informed Care Environment. The women and children at Epiphany have come to us from a life of extreme chaos and confusion. A beautifully crafted space solely intended for the purpose of helping them find stability and peace will be invaluable in supporting these women with recovery.

Taking into consideration the immense stress our clients have been under, we are going to design a space that is warm, welcoming, and calming. The space will be infused with life by using soothing color, design, and décor that is solely for their personal peace and recovery; it will be their sanctuary. Soft and incandescent lighting will be added to create a sense of serenity; soft lighting promotes feelings of healing, rejuvenation and safety.

For the women we serve, they most likely have not spent much time, if any, in a space such as this. Experiences of troubled homes, jails and prisons, as well as living on the streets are experiences of chaos, disorganization, repression, instability and fear.  As trauma causes peoples’ nervous systems to be in a state of constant high alert, living in a space that is serene and supportive will enable healing, focus and connection.

Knowing that Epiphany Center cares enough about their personal comfort to provide a welcoming place that they can identify as their own encourages clients to develop a sound trust in our mission to care for them as individuals. Balance and harmony in our clients living space is one of the crucial elements of making them feel at home here at Epiphany Center, and it also helps to open their hearts and minds for real change and transformation. 

We are so grateful for the generosity of our patrons at the 21st annual Benefit Party & Show for making our vision of a Trauma-Informed Care Environment a reality.