A Year of Service Makes a Lifetime of Difference A Year of Service Makes a Lifetime of Difference

A Year of Service Makes a Lifetime of Difference

November 24, 2020

A graduate of Chapman University with a heart to serve compassionately, live simply and walk humbly with God, Sammiy is living out the tradition of a true Vincentian Volunteer working for justice while bringing hope and possibility to the lives of many.  Each Vincentian Volunteer commits one year of their lives to the service of families and children in need, young people, the sick and the elderly.  At Epiphany Center, Sammiy facilitates different group programs under the Epiphany Center Wellness and Recovery Programs and also lends support where most needed.   

“My goal is to do the most good I can each day”, says Sammiy.

Assisting clients in taking a more wholistic and integrated perspective on their recovery journey, Sammiy with the help of our residents and staff,  planted  vegetables , herbs  and flowers  in our community garden creating a sensory experience for Epiphany clients. Clients are introduced to the scents of sage, lemon verbena and mint to become aware of scents that make them feel a sense of calm and serenity. This exercise helps clients reintegrate with their senses and body experiences. It is also a long-term life skill beyond Epiphany where clients recognize the health benefits of these practices and help to create autonomy in their recovery moving forward.

Sammiy also facilitates different types of Yoga classes like the Mommy & Me Yoga, Adult Services Yoga and Recovery Yoga with each class tailored toward a specific need of the population Epiphany serves. The Mommy & Me Yoga class helps mothers become attuned to their babies creating both a physiological awareness and a connection between the child and mother. Recovery Yoga begins with a mindfulness meditation that relates recovery principles within a 12-step program to the practice of meditation and yoga.

For Sammiy being here at Epiphany Center has been a valuable experience, learning that you can meet every client where they are without judgement, with kindness and love knowing you can make an impact.

 “Thank you Sammiy for being able to handle any situation we throw at you with grace, compassion, patience and for not being reactionary. So much of our lives have been met with interactions that are very reactionary and not with compassion and empathy, so thank you for entering each situation with that mindset and that approach because it really helps us feel safe”.   -Epiphany Resident                                                                    

Sammiy is excited in acquiring more knowledge and gaining more experience during her year of service. She believes that her work at Epiphany will help her achieve her goal of a Master’s in Social Work and a future law degree advocating for mothers losing their parental rights.

My sincere gratitude goes to donors and sponsors of Epiphany Center. It is because of their generosity that we are able to do the work we do here. Although changing lives is not a night and day shift, overtime the change is super clear. Sammiy, Vincentian Volunteer