National Philanthropy Day – A Man With A Permanent Twinkle In His Eyes National Philanthropy Day – A Man With A Permanent Twinkle In His Eyes

National Philanthropy Day – A Man With A Permanent Twinkle In His Eyes

November 14, 2016

Philanthropy is “the love of humankind,” and 11/15 is National Philanthropy Day--a day where we are celebrating the gift of giving back to humanity with a special donor spotlight:


Zvi Danenberg is one of Epiphany Center’s most dedicated monthly donors. At 91 years young, former science and physics teacher, Zvi, inspires his entire community of Larkspur. Often known around the neighborhood as “Mr. Community” and “The Stairmaster”, Zvi faithfully climbs 2,500 stairs a day. He says, “the steps are good for my heart, but more importantly, good for my soul.”

On his 90th birthday, 350 showed up the local park to honor his presence in the community. This is a man with a permanent twinkle in his eyes, who goes out of his way to spread kindness to each person who crosses his path.

Zvi discovered Epiphany Center through his dear friend Milton Reiterman, former Epiphany Center Board Member and receipient of the 2003 St. Louise Award. Zvi and Milt met when they  began teaching together at Mission High School in 1958.

A Tel Aviv native, Zvi spent the month of September in Israel, where he has many family members. He was overwhelmed by his visit to the Church of the Holy Sepulchre and in awe of both the architecture and the history. “Once you hit 90, the years are exponential!”, Zvi says.

Zvi’s philanthropic spirit is paving the road to recovery for women and children at Epiphany Center. “Epiphany Center is proving that there is still love and caring in the world”, he says, as his monthly gifts sustain our work with San Francisco’s families. Donors like Zvi ensure that we can continue to provide a safe and compassionate home for women suffering from substance abuse, trauma and homelessness, and give their children the resources to grow into self-reliant adults who are healthy in mind, body, and spirit.

You can learn more about this remarkable man by watching “The Runner With The Crooked Hat”, a charming documentary that was made about his enduring perseverance.

Want to follow in Zvi’s footsteps and become a monthly donor?