Native Sons of the Golden West Host a 4th of July BBQ Native Sons of the Golden West Host a 4th of July BBQ

Native Sons of the Golden West Host a 4th of July BBQ

August 17, 2018

We would like to shine a spotlight on the Native Sons of the Golden West, San Francisco District! Parlor #231 hosted a Fourth of July BBQ at the Center for our families.

Native Sons of the Golden West have a rich history dating back to 1875, during the Gold Rush. Since that era created a tremendous influx of individuals entering the state’s population, the organization was formed with the mission to preserve California’s history. All members are California-born. Prior to the establishment of state parks, the Native Sons participated in fundraising and organizing campaigns to save and preserve landmarks and icons of early California history: Sutter’s Fort, The Franciscan Missions, and The Monterey Custom House. They are constantly utilizing their platform towards historical preservation while educating youth on the history of California, and the importance of conserving it. Outside of that glimpse into their work, they also involve themselves in civic activities and charities.

Dennis McLaughlin of Native Sons Parlor #231 reached out with the desire of treating our families to a spirited BBQ. Dennis managed a beautiful sunny day in the midst of the usual San Francisco summer clouds, the energy and love were radiating. From the delicious grilled food, festive décor, and most importantly, the time invested to hold this lunch – every aspect was greatly appreciated and no detail was missed. It was also a wonderful opportunity for our organizations to come together and to celebrate our nation's anniversary. Epiphany's women and children often are not able to fully celebrate holidays, especially with their loved ones. That is one reason why we so appreciate this effort by the Native Sons. It is inspiring to see organizations compelled to help us, and support our mission. 

Our deep appreciation to Native Sons not only from the Center’s staff but also our women and children. A huge thank you to Debra Greenblatt, who also went the extra step by printing and framing the many portraits she took for our mom’s. Epiphany clients are recovering from various forms of addiction and trauma, and to have a day to relax, unwind, and play in the sun was cherished by one and all!

Fun Fact: Dennis’ mother and aunt stayed at Mount  St Joseph!

You can learn more about The Native Sons by visiting their website!