Thank You! Thank You!

Thank You!

December 15, 2014

As the year comes to a close, we are thinking about how grateful we are to you.  Your gifts to Epiphany Center, no matter the size, made tangible and sustainable impacts on hundreds of struggling women and children. How grateful are we?

Let us count the…

12 Ways You Gave

One graduate training to become a court reporter

Two new Family Enrichment Playgroups to strengthen parent-child relationships

Three healthy babies born to women at Epiphany Center

Four women enrolled in City College classes

Five women enjoying Hands-on-Healthy Cooking classes

Six women earning City Health Worker certificates

Seven women earned certificates of completion learning to bond with little ones in our new Circle of Security Program

Eight tots enjoying their Raising a Reader books and red family book bags

Nine women honing their household management skills.

Ten women preparing to successfully graduate in January

Eleven women smiling who benefitted from the Dental Fund Program

Twelve women getting healthier and stronger participating in Epiphany’s fitness classes

There is much we have helped the women accomplish with advocates and supporters like you, and there is much more we can do to reach at-risk women who would thrive at Epiphany Center. Thank you for inspiring hundreds of at-risk families to find the strength within to build brighter tomorrows.

We are counting you in our blessings and wishing you much peace and joy during this Christmas season.

P.S. Still searching for the perfect holiday gift? Make your gift in honor of a friend or family member today.

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