Save the Date for 2020!

23rd Annual

Benefit Party & Show 

Thursday March 12th


The Family, San Francisco


 Party Chairs Diane BlackmanDebi Curley, and

Carmen Hedlund Doyle invite you to join them at the

2020 Benefit Party & Show: "The Tonight Show"!

The Epiphany League is busy orchestrating “The Tonight Show,” in all its glamour and sophistication. For comedy fans, there is nothing like this live performance. From the opening monologue to the final number, our all-star cast of extraordinary volunteers will have you thrilled, singing along, and rolling with laughter. 

For more than two decades, the Benefit Party & Show has raised funds and friends to benefit the struggling women, children, and families served by Epiphany Center.


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Doc Severinsen
Jeanne and William Barulich
Brenda and Don MacLean


Marcia Syufy

Band Leader
Alice Phelan Sullivan Corporation
Diane and Richard Blackman
Nan and Norm Bouton
Adrienne Mansi

Janet and Clyde Ostler
 D'Arcy and Tom Owens
Valerie Malone Raskin and Neil Raskin
LaVerne Reiterman
Kathryn Ringgold


Betsy and Eber Jaques
Victoria Jones and Calvin Synigal
Jill and James Mooney


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Gail Anderson, Matt Callahan, Erik Davis,Victoria Stewart Davis,
Dave Eshleman, Dave Evans, Peggy Haas, Hiedeh Honari Saghi, 
Jeff O'Sammon, D'Arcy Owens,  Valerie Malone Raskin,
Robert Steele, John Vitalie

Musical Director 
Jeff O’Sammon

Script Writer
Dave Eshleman



Thank you to Richard Meyer Photo for the beautiful photos from the event!! 

          22nd Annual Benefit Party & Show

GOOD VIBRATIONS was one Fabulous Time!


Dressed in 1960s vintage regalia to celebrate this year's "groovy" 60's-themed "Good Vibrations," party, longtime attendees and newcomers alike enjoyed delicious hors d’oeuvres and cocktails while perusing the silent auction to the sounds of 60s piano jazz performed by distinguished pianist Dwight Okamura. The silent auction was “a blast,” and included winery tours and tastings, gift certificates to superb San Francisco eateries, and even a signed jersey by Warriors all-star Steph Curry, which was presented later during the evening’s live auction.

Our gratitude to Party Chair, Debi Curley, for going above and beyond in expertly organizing a lively, fun-filled event, and to Dwight Okamura, once again, for sharing his outstanding musical talent. Guests had the honor of hearing a resident of Epiphany’s Recovery Program speak about her struggles and successes on her journey from a place of despair to one of hope and healing. Many of the guests, overwhelmed by a myriad of emotions, gave a standing ovation and an elevated applause that showed deep respect for the speaker’s courage, perseverance, and humbled spirit. Guests were reminded of the real reason they had dawned their groovy garments and attended the event – to inspire lasting change and healthy futures.

Epiphany Center's very own pediatrician, the charismatic Dr. Clem Donahue emceed the event’s Fund-A-Need and live auction, which raised more than $20,000 for providing dental care to help the women in our programs restore their smiles and in turn their confidence.

Then guests “tuned in” to the “outtasight”  performances by entertainers Nigel and Clive and other cast that covered the works of Van Morrision, The Supremes, Nina Simone, and The Rolling Stones. A standing ovation to this year’s all-star cast: Gail Anderson, Erik Davis, Victoria Stewart Davis, Dave Eshleman, Peggy Haas, Ginnie Menezes, Jeff O'Sammon, D'Arcy Owens, Valerie Malone Raskin, Hiedeh Honari Saghi, Robert Steele, John Vitale, and Michael Callahan. We applaud their phenomenal talent and generosity.

Thank you to ALL who joined us
to make the SHOW a Huge Success!


 Gail Anderson, Erik Davis, Victoria Stewart Davis, Dave Eshleman,
Peggy Haas, Ginnie Menezes, Jeff O'Sammon, D'Arcy Owens,
Valerie Malone Raskin, Hiedeh Honari Saghi, Robert Steele, John 

Nigel and Clive
Michael Callahan

Bob Reyen, Trumpet

Bill Figge

2019 Auction Donors and Contributors
Nancy & Norman Bouton


On behalf of the at-risk families whom Epiphany Center serves, we thank you for your generous silent auction donations to the 22nd annual Benefit Party & Show. Every donation helps Epiphany Center provide women with the information, education, and support services they need to make their dreams possible and to help their children grow and flourish! 


23rd Annual Benefit Party & Show


Daughters of Charity of St. Vincent de Paul
Brenda and Don MacLean
Jeanne and William Barulich
Ginne and Walter Menezes
Alice Phelan Sullivan Corporation
Nan and Norm Bouton
Debi and Jim Curley
Amy and Martin Estkowski
Janet and Clyde Ostler
                                                      D'Arcy and Tom Owens
                                                       Valerie and Neil Raskin 
                                                        Kathryn Ringgold
                                                         LaVerne Reiterman
Sandra K. Baxter
Diane & Dick Blackman
Sally and Gerry Davalos
Theresa Wright and Fred Dorey
Irene and Lock Holmes
Adrienne Mansi
Jill and James Mooney
Nets-Work Integration, Joe Sangco
Victoria Jones and Calvin Synigal
Dede Wilsey