Epiphany's transitional living residence provides housing and supportive post-treatment aftercare services and bridges the gap between structured residential substance abuse treatment and full independence.

transitional housing services transitional housing services

Epiphany Center has opened a step-down/transitional program to support women who have completed structured residential treatment programs and need additional time to prepare for life post-treatment.

Epiphany Step-Down provides these women with transitional housing and support services, offers linkages to other effective clinical-community services and programs, and helps them build additional skills needed to navigate society as productive citizens. Our goal is to strengthen each woman’s recovery skills and to support her in securing permanent housing and employment.

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), relapse rates for drug addiction are between 40-60%. Studies also show that individuals who maintain and participate in recovery programs for at least 9 months of sobriety are more likely to continue their sobriety long-term. Due to new economic and policy shifts, we are concerned that rates of relapse will only increase. First, the recent changes to Medicaid policy make it more difficult for women in recovery to qualify for residential programs long enough to support sustainable rehabilitation. Options are limited to 30, 60 or 90 day treatment unless there is continued proof of medical necessity. They may leave treatment without having had the chance to build the foundation they need to successfully reenter society and minimize relapse. Second, as the rents have astromonically skyrocketed and the affluence of the average San Franciscan has increased, there is an ever greater shortage of affordable housing for individuals with low incomes and those in recovery in San Francisco. As a result, they may turn to former friends or family who, more often than not, do not possess the skills to support them.

Transitional residents also have the unique opportunity to participate in expressive therapeutic modalities that have been deemed beneficial in promoting wellness and strengthening recovery. Such opportunities include: Restorative Yoga, Auricular Acupuncture, Drum Therapy, Family/Couples Therapy, and groups facilitated by licensed clinicians. There is also a space for the women to have small gardens.

Many transitional programs will discharge an individual with a positive drug screen. However, at Epiphany Center Step-Down, if an individual tests positive for a substance, we will explore the individual’s unique relationship with relapse. If additional supportive services are deemed necessary, we facilitate this extra support. This may or may not include a return to residential treatment or perhaps a requirement for the individual to participate in an out-patient program. Perhaps, the relapse was related to a situation at work and the individual needs supportive counseling services to assess the ongoing occupational demands. At Epiphany Center Step-Down, we practice client-centered care and will walk with every woman through all aspects of her recovery journey.