Research shows that investing in child abuse prevention programs yields a 19 to 1 savings over the long-term costs to society of child abuse.
Source: US Children’s Bureau

The Parent-Child Center provides early intervention and relationship-based care. Additionally, parents receive parenting support in group and individual sessions. Parenting programs lead to healthier behaviors.

Parent-Child Center Parent-Child Center
This program provides:
  • Therapeutic childcare
  • Developmental assessments
  • Early intervention and relationship-based care
  • Physical and occupational therapy consultations
  • Infant massage instruction
  • Parent Advisory Council
  • Parent-child interaction groups
  • Smoking cessation and second-hand smoke education
Criteria for enrollment include the following:
  • Children newborn to 3 years
  • Children of families enrolled in Epiphany Center programs or referrals from collaborating agencies
  • Family income level within the poverty guidelines of the federal government