165 years serving the San Francisco Community

Circle of Light is a group of donors who make a significant commitment to at-risk children and families in San Francisco.

Membership is for individuals who make a gift of $1,000 or more annually to Epiphany Center.

Because of the support of people who share our vision:

  • Women’s lives are restored, children have hopeful futures, families are strengthened, and intergenerational cycles of trauma, homelessness, mental illness and poverty are broken.
  • The community benefits from reduced costs in homelessness, joblessness, incarceration, foster care, and mental and physical illness.



Circle of Healing

Jeanne & William Barulich
Sandra Baxter
Brenda & Don MacLean
LaVerne Reiterman
Sangiacomo Family Foundation

Circle of Love

Alice Phelan Sullivan Corporation
Nancy & Norman Bouton
Daughters of Charity Foundation
Terry & Robert Keyes
Ann-Louise & Daniel McCambridge
Clyde & Janet Ostler
D'Arcy & Thomas Owens
Ann & David Peterson
Valerie Malone Raskin & Neil Raskin

Circle of Compassion 

Bank of America Charitable Foundation
Carole & Paul Barrish
Diane & Richard Blackman
Katie Budge
Debra & James Curley
Daughters of Charity, Seton Provincialate
Valerie & Paul Erickson
Virginia Formichi
George Hazler
Irene & Oliver Holmes
Rebecca & David Jones
Victoria Jones & Calvin Synigal
Anna & Barry Kane
Sue Fisher King
Debbie & Chris Lammers
Adrienne Mansi
Ginnie & Walter Menezes
Nancy & Frank Moore
Susana Morales
Maryanne & John Murray
John O'Donnell
Mari & Mike Pautler
Therese Post
Claire & James Resor
Cheryl & George Sundheim
Marcia Syufy
Diane Wilsey
Circle of Light
Your circle of light membership ensures families stay together!