Research shows that investing in child abuse prevention programs yields a 19 to 1 savings over the long-term costs to society of child abuse.
Source: US Children’s Bureau

The In-Home Services program offers home-based parenting education and support to families with children who are at risk for out-of-home placement.

In-Home Services In-Home Services

Since 1995, Epiphany’s In-Home Services Program has provided home-based parenting instruction, support, and case management to adult and teen parents of children 0-5 who are at risk for out-of-home placement.  Our primary goal is to strengthen family functioning and enhance the bond between parents and their children in hopes of keeping the family intact.

In-Home Services’ Family Support Specialists utilize SafeCare®, an evidence-based parenting education model, to assist parents in diminishing risk factors.  Once per week, for 1.5 hours, we visit the homes of families and instruct parents in the areas of parent-child interaction, health, and safety.  We focus on early intervention and relationship-based care, engaging and stimulating age appropriate activities, safety assessments and the provision of safety devices, and structured problem solving.  

  • Gift cards for food and clothing
  • Health reference materials
  • Baby gates and other child proofing items like stove and oven door locks
  • Household items such as storage bins and laundry hampers
  • Help with housing applications, job applications and resumes, school and pre-school enrollment, and nutrition information
Families who meet the following criteria are eligible for participation:
  • At-risk families with children ages 0 to 5
  • Referred by the San Francisco Human Services Agency, Family & Children’s Services; Department of Public Health, Public Health Nurses; Family Treatment Court, Family Resource Centers, and other community-based organizations

Our services are offered in both English and Spanish!