40%+ Children who are abused are 40% more
likely to be arrested for a violent crime,
twice as likely to become alcoholics,
and three times as likely to develop a
drug addiction.
source: San Francisco Child Abuse Council

The Epiphany League is a group of dedicated women who donate their time and talent to Epiphany Center.

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The League’s purpose is to raise funds to ensure service for the most vulnerable women, children, and families in San Francisco, to directly benefit clients through service projects, and to broaden community awareness of Epiphany Center.

Epiphany League members participate in the following ways:

  • Attend League meetings
  • Participate in volunteer service projects to benefit Epiphany Center and our clients
  • Plan two annual fundraising events (Benefit Party & Show and Celebrating Mothers Luncheon)
  • Attend fundraising events as a sponsor or ticket holder
  • Make a personal contribution to Epiphany Center
  • Be an ambassador and advocate for Epiphany Center

Join Today!

If you would like to join the Epiphany League, email Mary Rhoades or contact her at 415.351.4055.

Join the Epiphany League

MEMBERS 2016-17

Diane Blackman, Vice President
Nan Bouton
Elyn Brennan, Service Co-Chair
Debi Curley
Maggie Dobbins, Party Co-Chair
Erin Doyle Ebeling
Valerie Erickson
Jane Foster
Irene Holmes, Secretary
Betsy Jaques
Sheila Kelly, Luncheon Co-Chair
Terry Keyes, President
Christie McRae Kirmse, Luncheon Co-Chair
Brenda MacLean, Membership Coordinator, Party Co-Chair
Pam McKulla
Ginnie Menezes
Joan Mittendorf
Ann Peterson
Valerie Malone Raskin
LaVerne Reiterman, Service Co-Chair
Taylor Wilcox
Linda Zweig